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Featured Word/Sentence

Are you looking to learn a new Nuu-Chah-Nulth word or phrase today? Visit this page regularly to expand your Nuu-Chah-Nulth vocabulary.

haʔuk eating
haʔum food
haʔukʷaḥ I’m eating.
haʔukʷin We’re eating.
haʔukma He/She’s eating.
haʔumma It’s food. It’s edible. It’s something to eat
ƛułmaa haʔuk He/She is eating well.
ƛułmaa haʔumʔi The food is good.
čamasma haʔumʔi The food is delicious.
ʔaḥkuuma čamasʔi haʔumThis is (the) delicious food.
haʔumma ʔaḥkuu This is something to eat. This is food.
čuu, haʔukšiʔin čaani OK, let us eat first.
huḥtakḥak nunuuk Do you know how to sing?
haaʔa, huḥtakaḥ nunuuk Yes, I can sing.
Ooh, huḥtakeʔic nunuuk! Oh, you know how to sing!
Huḥtakma nunuuk He/She can sing.
Huḥtakin nunuuk We can sing.
huuḥtakšiiḥḥak Quuquuʔaca Do you learn NCN?
Haaʔa, huuḥtakšiiḥaḥ Quuquuʔaca. Yes, I learn NCN.
Huuḥtakšiiḥma Quuquuʔaca.He/she is learning NCN.
Huuḥtakšiiḥin Quuquuʔaca. We are learning NCN.
Huuḥtakšiiḥin nunuuk. We are practicing singing.