We have weekly language lessons at the Du Quah Conference Room with Adam Werle in Port Alberni, using Google Hangouts. We are a small core group and our focus is on conversation.

July 18, 2018

Daily activity-examples:


Learn Say Read
c̓uuƛc̓uuya washing clothes
mamuuk working
nawaayis hanging out at the beach
pisatuk playing
ʔuucuʔuk going to
siqiił cooking

Asking the question: What are you doing?


Using the example verbs…you can answer by adding  the endings: (m) aḥ……I am……..

Learn Say Read
c̓uuƛc̓uuyamaḥ I am doing laundry.
mamuukʷaḥ . I am working.
nawaayisaḥ . I am hanging out at the beach.
pisatukʷaḥ . I am playing.
ʔuucuʔukʷaḥ c̓uumaʔas . I am going to Port Alberni.
siqiiłaḥ . I am cooking.


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